Friday, July 11, 2008

1956 Committee No. 2 Report (WELS)

Here is the Committee No. 2 Report on Church Union for the WELS. In the actual proceedings, it is prefaced by the "Report of the Standing Committee...", the "Supplementary Report of the Standing Committee...", and "Supplementary Information by the Standing Committee..."

... ... These take a long time to type up. I may get to them yet. Until then, below you will find just the...

Committee No. 2 Report, 1956 Convention of the WELS, Northwestern College, Watertown, Wisconsin, August 21-23

Remember, in 1955 the WELS said that the LC-MS was guilty of causing division and offenses but wanted to wait until Missouri's 1956 convention to see how they would respond. The WELS Standing Committee on Matters of Church union recommends to "hold the judgment of the Saginaw resolutions in abeyance" and the Floor Committee No. 2 agrees.

They also contend to have their relationship with the WELS be "one of vigorously protesting fellowship". What is this exactly?