Thursday, July 10, 2008

1955 Report of Floor Committee No. 2 (WELS)

Report of Floor Committee No. 2 (WELS 1955 Proceedings, p. 84-87)

Things to note while reading this report:

1. Paragraph 3 of the Preamble uses some very strong language with regard to divisions and offenses perpetuated by the LC-MS. They are of "long standing".

2. Paragraph 4 of the Preamble says that Dr. John W. Behnken, President of the LC-MS, has "intensified these divisions and offenses by attempting to justify the position of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod..."

3. The whole Preamble was adopted by a unanimous vote of the Convention, but the decision to terminate fellowship with the LC-MS was taken by a majority vote.

One would think that if the whole convention decided in the Preamble that the LC-MS was guilty of divisions and offenses as defined by Romans 16:17-18, the next step would be to AVOID, and not wait and see what the LC-MS would do in 1956. There were a number of protesters who thought the same.