Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1955 Report of the President (WELS, Oscar J. Naumann)

Every convention begins with a report from the synod's president. Sort of a "State of the Union Address" as it were?

Oscar J. Naumann was the newly elected Wisconsin Synod president in 1955 and here is the part of his report dealing with the topic of the Missouri Synod.

1955 Report of the President, Oscar J. Naumann

Quotes of note:
"I believe it can truthfully be said that [the WELS and LC-MS] have been growing apart instead of being drawn closer together."

"The differences that have arisen between us... have not been removed. They have increased."

"For those of us who have been closest to these problems, it appears quite definite that we must now obey the Lord's Word in Romans 16:17."

"Yet I am sure that each of us diligently and fervently prayed that some ray of hope might appear."

"...whether the Lord would now have us apply His definite command 'Avoid them!' or whether we still have an unpaid debt of love to those whose fellowship we cherished for so many years."