Monday, June 19, 2017

1959 - Letter from P.F. Nolting to Oscar J. Naumann

This letter was written by Pastor P.F. Nolting in October of 1959, two months after the WELS convention in Saginaw, MI. This letter is also a reply to WELS President Naumann's general letter to the synod.

It does paint a very interesting picture of the events during the 1959 WELS convention from the point of view of the signers of the "A Call for Decision" memorial.

P.F. Nolting letter to O.J. Naumann, October 17, 1959

Quotes of note:

"Pastor R. Reim reminded our Delegate Conference last June that our testimony over against the Synod was contained in our memorial[A Call for Decision], but not a whisper of either reproach or commendation was forthcoming. But now there is an uproar in our area and elsewhere because of our memorial. If we erred in doctrine or manner of expression, certainly it should have been called to our attention long before Saginaw."

"A pastor from Dakota put it quite well when he said, 'The Synod seems to have more concern for its cousins than for its own brethren.'"

"Despite all that has happened and despite the fact also that I sometimes express myself forcefully, and at times I freely confess unwisely, I assure you that I bear neither you, President Naumann, or anyone else involved ill will. Nor do I harbor any bitterness against you or anyone in my heart. The matter is much too serious for such pettiness. What is involved is the loss of the Truth that has now made our beloved Synod a heterodox Lutheran Church. What saddens me even more than the Saginaw Convention is the pitiable manhandling of the Romans 16, 17 text in the frantic effort to justify Synod's disobedience of that passage."